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Nov 05, 2013 at 12:44 PM

BSP (HTMLB) Tree is not working in IE9 browser. But works in IE8.


Dear SAP Group,

I am having a concern---our project is upgrading from Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) version to IE9 version. So, we need to ensure that the BSPs will work in the IE9 version.

Most of the BSPs work in IE9 browser by using design="design2003" in this tag:

<htmlb:content design="design2003">

But, some how the BSP Tree is not working at all in IE9 version. The tree does not open up in IE9 [it is always in collapsed mode], but works well in IE8.

<htmlb:tree id = "<%= TREE_ID %>"

height = "1"

width = "100%"

showTitle = "FALSE"

table2 = "<%= TREE_TABLE %>" />

This is how it looks in IE8: I can expand and collapse the tree in IE8 brower, but we are unable to expand or collapse in IE9 browser.

Any suggestion is highly appreciated.




bsp tree.JPG (7.6 kB)