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Nov 05, 2013 at 11:33 AM

Input Control for choosing indicator/variable


Hi all,

I'm trying to build a requirement I think it's not technically possible with BO.

Nowadays users are running a report in another system not SAP neither BO, but this report is being migrated to BO.

In this report, they have the possibility of choosing what kind of percentage is shown in the last column: percentage over quantity, percentage over net value, % over price, etc. They choose it in the selection screen selecting the variable. And, besides that, report shows only the 80% total with a descending sorting.

What have I done?

As I don't think it's possible to put that in the selection screen, in my BEx query (my BO report is built over a BEx query) I've created variables with those percentages, in the way users can drag and drop them in the last column depending to what they want to see.

My questions are:

- Is it possible to create some filter in the selection screen? And, if not, is it possible to create some input control in the way user just click the variable they want to see instead of dragging and dropping (this would avoid authorizations issues)?

- Is it possible to have a pre-defined sorting independently the variable and, each time we change variable, the sort changes? And, besides that, is it possible to create a condition that only shows lines where the accumulative percentage is lower than 80%?

Really tricky, I know. I'm afraid it's not possible anything of that.