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Nov 05, 2013 at 06:18 AM

How to re-trigger failed output WMTA by background job?


Hello friends,

Business case - The output WMTA is immediately created after creation of outbound delivery followed by creation of transfer order. All the out put determination NACE has been maintained with dispatch time 4 send immediately. Its works fine with creation transfer order from OBD. How ever sometimes (one in a blue moon), due to some reasons for ex locking issues, if WMTA output fails (red flag) and hence fails in creation of TO then can we schedule some background job with interval 5 or 10 min to re-triggered only failed output WMTA of OBD?

Can I use program RSNAST0D with selection type 3 – error processing and schedule it on background? Or is there any other ways?

I am aware of one way to use SAP recommendation of using program report RSNAST00 with processing time 1 or 2.