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Nov 04, 2013 at 11:39 PM

Report for ES67 - Display Device Location



I'm new to this community and SAP so please excuse my ignorance of the system and community.

I'm tasked with getting as much information for ES67 which I believe is part of the Plant Maintenance package/module. We do not have documentation or access to the code that generates it and need to reverse engineer the database (long story).

Can someone guide me or send me a link to the following information for this report:

1.) Associated tables and/or procedure that generates it.

2.) Data Dictionary

3.) ERD for these tables.

Any help would be much appreciated as I've searched through google and this forum for information and was unable to find it.

I've given some information on ES67 below if that helps.

Thanks, Jimmy

ES67 – Display Device Loc.

SAP transaction ES67 (Display Device Loc.) is classified in the Industry Solutions module under application component Master Data and runs IS-U Master Data program SAPLES65 upon execution.

SAP Transaction Code (TCODE): ES67 Transaction Description: Display Device Loc. SAP Module ID: IS SAP Module Description Industry Solutions

Application Component ID (PS_POSID): IS-U-MD Application Component (FCTR-ID): I110004805 Component Description (NAME): Master Data

Program (PGMNA): SAPLES65 Package (DEVCLASS): EE01 Package Description (CTEXT): IS-U Master Data Package Namespace: /0SAP/ Screen Number (DYPNO): 0100