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Nov 04, 2013 at 10:06 AM

BW in Solution Manager - Activation Problem


Hi experts,

I try to solve all red amps in SOLMAN_SETUP lol

At the moment I am in "Basic Configuration".

Exactly at step 5 "Configure Automatically".

And there I get an error at activity "Setup BW".

The error says "Error while starting BI setup job: CCMS_BI_SETUP".

When I go to transaction RSTCO_ADMIN I see the following errors in the protocol:

(This is the error of datastore object "0RSPL_AGS")

Post Processing/Checking the Activation for DataStore Object 0RSPL_AGS

Creating Export DataSource and dependent Objects

DataSource 80RSPL_AGS does not exist in source system FSTCLNT008 of version A

Reading the Metadata of 0RSPL_AGS ...

Creating DataSource 80RSPL_AGS ...

Error when creating the export DataSource and dependent Objects

Program ID 00733D9X3K5TXNNJWYKYLMZV0 retrieved for DataStore object 0RSPL_AGS

Error when activating DataStore Object 0RSPL_AGS

Does someone know how to solve the problems?

I've also executed the job RS_TCO_ACTIVATION.

And there I get the following error: "An error occurred while activating BW object (XPRA: Content Aktivierung)" (=Message Number RSTCO_UT003)

How can I create the object XPAR in transaction RSOR?

Thank you