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Nov 03, 2013 at 12:46 PM

FPM Translations not reflecting 2nd time & how to transport FPM translations-IMP


Hi All,

I am facing a strange issue with FPM translations,

I followed the about link for FPM translations and WDA translations in Dev and all went well, after that for moving these translation changes to Quality I used SLXT-> SOTR as a object type and moved to QA(Acceptance box) for first time... I see all went fine to QA(even the FPM Steps/Sub-steps and FPM buttons and WDA translations together).

I followed the above process 2nd time to fix some of the translation defects/changes and I try to move translation transport using SLXT-> object type(SOTR).This time I see only Web Dynpro translation are reflected ... but not he FPM component config translations....😠.

And even in Dev box if i make any changes to FPM translations(Step/Sub steps)...which are not reflecting on browser for ex : if I change any Mainstep/Sub step name in SE63..which is reflecting in table WDY_CONFIG_COMPT but not on the browser.....and I am noticing these changes are reflecting over next day only(not sure what happening over the night .🤯) I observed this thrice.

I am going to try the TLGS as the object type to transport FPM translations...but I need a help to identify why the FPM translations are not reflecting immediately on the can I sort this.. ? and correct me If I use TLGS as the object type which will solve my problem to move my FPM translation transport to QA ?

Thanks all,