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Nov 02, 2013 at 06:12 PM

Important - Blogs and Documents Elimination in Coffee Corner


Hi everyone,

Recently it was brought to our attention by a few members and moderators (well, actually by many, and we had noticed it as well) that the Coffee Corner is being overloaded with blogs and documents that have very little value for the Community at large. While it's true that the Coffee Corner is a place where you can freely express your opinions, share personal information, etc., it's being overrun with content that results in points and badges to the authors. That is not the intent of the Coffee Corner nor the SCN reputation program.

Therefore, after mindful consideration and conversation with several of our moderators and global moderators, we have decided to turn off blogs and documents in the Coffee Corner. The intention is to share thoughts for discussion in the Coffee Corner without amassing loads of points that impact overall community leaderboards. Afterall, would it be fair to have topic leaders who only contributed in the Coffee Corner? πŸ˜”

What this Means for You

We will turn off blogs and documents on Sunday, November 17th. At that time, all blogs and documents that are posted in the Coffee Corner will be hidden from public view.

If you have posted blogs or documents in the Coffee Corner, and you want them to continue to appear in the future, you should move them to your Personal Space as soon as possible. Any blogs or documents that remain in the Coffee Corner after November 17th will be hidden for the forseeable future.

Additionally, there will be no points accrual in the Coffee Corner for blogs and documents over the next two weeks. To avoid a mad rush to create blogs and documents for points during this time, we have turned on moderation for those content types, and we will delete newly created blogs and documents that are posted in that space.

The overarching strategy behind these decisions is to help keep quality as high as possible for all of our members while maintaining an enjoyable/fun environment.

Thank you for all that you do to support the Community! Let's see if this new option proves to be "game changing".

Best regards,

Jeanne Carboni

Senior Director of SAP Community Network Collaboration