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Nov 02, 2013 at 05:15 PM

DEV refresh Question on restoring ABAP versions (SAP Note 130906)


We are refreshing our ECC DEV system from PRD (using system copy method)

We planning to use SAP note (130906 - How can versions be transported?) restore the version from the old DEV to the new DEV

Our current DEV is out of sync in terms of versions with the current PRD. So I would like to know what will be the impact by restoring the versions from old DEV to the new DEV.

Here is the question

Let’s say if the old DEV has version 10, 11, 12 and active version is 12. QA has active version 12 and PRD has active version 11. Since building the new DEV from PRD, the new DEV will have active version 11.

If we transport version from old DEV to new DEV, then new DEV will have version 10, 11, 12. What will be the active version after the version transport? Is it 11 or 12?

The version management applies to all repository objects including database tables. If table definition are different between DEV and PRD, after transport version, the table definition and table data may be inconsistent. That is our concern.

Our ECC system is ECC 5.0, NW640