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Nov 02, 2013 at 08:09 AM

Abuse Reports rejected without any reason


Dear Team,

I know this is not something new and before creating this discussion i read the thread which addresses the same issue.

Lately when i posted only the link of Blog,Document or thread to any of the discussion my post got rejected with a reason "Don't just post links or multiple links".I happily accepted it and made sure next time i give some briefing before giving the link.

Now as a good citizen and to keep the forum clean when i started seeing similar to it,i report abused and to my surprise few of them got rejected and few accepted.

Now the abuse report which got rejected has no reason in them.So my question is what are the parameters for accepting it.If required i can post those threads as well..

It will be something like this :


Please refer the below link



Please help me to understand the criteria for it.