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Nov 02, 2013 at 09:00 AM

Problem in update the record through SM13


Hello all,

We are facing the problem in restart the process through T-code SM13 related to a document parked.

Scenario is like this :

User parked a document through T-code FV50. Document was saved with document number XXXXXXX. Now, User want to post the Document and want to display that through T-code FBV0 , System displays an error " document does not exist in Company code".

And when we run the T-code SM13 system shows an error related to that document.

We have also seen the report S_ALR_87012342 related to GAPS in document, that document no. is also shown in that report.

Now my point is, can we release the terminated process which we saw in SM13 as we are unable to do "repeat update".

Please guide.