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Nov 01, 2013 at 01:36 PM

Bex Analizer & Query designer



I am using SAP in my company and I have realized I have Bex Analizer Excel and Query designer installed in my computer.

I am trying to use Bex Analizer add-in in excel to connect to either SAP or BI portal to retrieve information but i am not able to do it.

When I open to create a new query, there is anywhere where i can find the information/cubes/tables with the information.

I have been contacting people from IT and SAP in the company (including headquarters) and apparently none of them know how the tool work and so none of them is able to show me or explain me beacuse no one in the company uses it.

I work in the finance department, therefore using a lot of information from SAP and regularly extractions in same format so I am trying to automate this processes using this tool.

Is there any one that could guide me when doing it?

Maybe I need authorization from my company to access the information (even if i have the tool installed)

Indeed it is a shamed that it is there and we cannot use it. I am sure it has a lot of posibilities and I am willing to learn them, but of course, I need to get to where the information is, so I am not able right know to create querys.

Even with the Bex portal, I can create querys and save them, but they are saved in the portal, there is no option i can use to export this query to my desktop and then open it with query designer for example.

Thanks in advance,