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Former Member
Nov 01, 2013 at 10:25 AM

Preventing aggregation of KPI data at Parent level?


Hi All,

We are having an issue with KPI reporting.

The scenario is as follows:

I have KPI 1 = 30 (300/10) in Segment A

KPI 1 is 40 (800/20) in Segment B

Segment C is the parent of Segment A and B.

Now in the report, KPI 1 for Segment C is coming as 70.

But I need KPI 1 to be calculated as (300+800)/(10+20) = 36.67 for Segment C

Similarly, Segment C is a child of some other parent, so on and so forth, and at every parent level, I need the weighted average rather than a aggregation.

Any help on this would be appreciated!


P.S The model is a YTD model.