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Oct 07, 2005 at 03:22 PM

Initial Load Setup...Potential Big Problem


Hi All,

I think we have a big problem. I have posted a similiar question before, but answers are confusing to me. Let me explain our current situation and please comment.

1. We are loading billing documents, thus using VDITM.

2. We have 2 number ranges for billing documents.

3. On R3 we filled the setup tables with the smaller number of billing documents. Then in BW ran a full load.

4. The second billing document number range was kicked off in R3 and setup tables filled.

5. Now, here is where I think there is a problem. This second and final load from the setup table was setup and ran as a full load on BW. Shouldn't this have been the Delta Init?

Please comment on this:

I believe this second load should be the delta init. Then after this was done schedule the RMBWV313 job in R3 to run, for us, hourly. In BW schedule the daily delta to run at night (for us). Everything is in sync this way.

My concern is the second setup table load from BW was setup as a Full Load. After this load is done can we just schedule RMBWV313 in R/3 to run hourly and then schedule the Daily Delta in BW to run later that night.

Please comment asap...please.

Appreciate it,