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Oct 31, 2013 at 07:30 PM

New to Infosteward and Need assistance with Date syntax.


Hello. I am new to this tool. I am in need of assistance with creating filters on views and also rules.

First I am trying to create a view and in the filter I am trying to select records where one date is greater than the current date and another date is = 12/31/9999. I am having problem with the syntax in the filter.

AND is_valid_date("SAP HTR".HRP1000.ENDDA, '12.31.9999')
AND "SAP HTR".HRP1001.BEGDA > to_date ('sysdate ()','mm,dd,yy')

This returns no records but there are valid records.

Also if you have any suggestions on how I can learn the proper syntax for rules it would be greatly appreciated. I feel like I understand the process by struggle on the rules.

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