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Former Member
Oct 07, 2005 at 02:58 PM

String in non-RFC table types


Hello all,

I have a structure that also have two members of ABAP type String (yes, that string, not char255 or so 😊). When I declare a table type inheriting from that type, everything is quite fine, so it seems table having dyn. Strings is okay as far as I do not want to do RFC with it.

Now, when I create a function module and want to use that table type, the compiler gives me that error message upon syntax check:


when using "WITH HEADER LINE", the line type cannot be a table type


Now, that is no ABAP that I have written but the auto-generator for the include. That line it complains, there is just no definition with a header line. So, is using the String type possible at all? I think this is an error having indirectly to do with it, since I know the difference on table with and without header line/work area and so...

Btw.: this is a 4.7 Release I am talking about.

😔 Thanks and regards,