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Oct 31, 2013 at 07:24 PM

Delete a segment E1WPU02 from WPUUMS incoming idoc or skip a line item



We have an inbound WPUUMS (message type) interface with hundreds of lines . But very frequently due to a bad business process, we get dummy materials on the E1WPU02-ARTNR (Material), which are identified in our system easily because they do not exit in our system. (We can do a quick lookup into MARA to check if the Article/Material exists). Now, instead of making the entire idoc fail, can we just skip this entry/article and still post ?

Ideally, we would like to delete the E1WPU02 segment from the incoming WPUUMS idocs in some user exit. What user exit is recommended for this ?

And how do we avoid failing this entire 800 line idoc and somebody scan the entire idoc to fix it everytime this happens..

I know internally somewhere they transfter the idoc contents to I_MSEG and this is sent to the goods movement BAPI which does the 251 or 252 movement type. We are somehow looking to avoid failure of this idoc to status 51 inspite of a bad material in a line.