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Oct 31, 2013 at 06:13 PM

HR ITS Migration Display Issues


Hi All,

<<<N00bie Question Alert>>>

I'm new to SAP's ITS Applications and I need some help here.

Our client is migrating from ECC 4.7 to EHP 6. And part of the activities is to migrate their standalone SAP ITS Applications to Integrated SAP Applications. We have two applications to migrate/re-create in EHP6.

1. LM01 WM Application

2. HR ITS Application

After reading all the comprehensively covered documentation on ITS, I was able to re-create LM01 in our ECC EHP6 system. But facing a tough challenge in the HR Application.

The HR application is not straight forward like LM01. This one has many standalone Z Programs which are called in the ITS. Their final product looks something like this:

But when I try to re-create the same in ECC, I get something like this:

As is obvious, they dont have any resemblance between them. So my question is what am I missing here?

The steps I followed are:

1. Created a service in SICF

2. Created a single Internet Service in SE80. And added all the templates into it. As per an excel sheet provided to me about all the Z Programs and themes, I included them in the Template creation. Some Themes were 01 and some were 99. (Is that ok?)

3. Published the Internet Service and Tested the service from SICF.

Any pointers will be much appreciated.



PS: What standard Internet Services do I need to invoke to run this application?

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