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Oct 31, 2013 at 06:05 PM

email addresses from SAP are text + email, how to strip the text?



We are getting into Schedule For options for Webi. Doing so allows us to run a report against the USERID (for user specific data) then email to the address pulled in from SAP.

Looking at the values for email in BOBJ, I see "First_Last" <>, same value in SAP user information.

this of course means leveragin the SI_EMAIL placeholder fails.

How can we strip the text off the front? There is hesitation to change the value in SAP, so coming up with a way to strip out the email on its way into BOBJ would be preferred.

I started looking at Attribute mapping, maybe to have a new field to use based on the original, but do not see obvious way to trim the text.

Ideas here?