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Oct 31, 2013 at 06:02 PM

LOV can not exceed 5000 entries


Hi guys,

Sorry to bother you as I guess you will give me an obvious answer like : "please read that thread"...but I am not able to find a clear answer....

We have webi reports using Bex Queries as datasources. The prompt variables are coming from the Bex queries. When we try to get the List Of Values for one variable, we are reaching the limits of the "authorized" number of entries that can be retrieved: 5000.

I searched and found out that we could change that value in the parameters of the WebiProcessing server (by the way, the 5000 number is nowwhere, so I thought it could be this parameter: Maximum List of Value Size (entries)...)...but it did not change anything...

After digging more, I have found the note 1671774. Do we really have to update those register keys: BICSLOVChunkSIZE and BICSResultChunkSIZE ?

or is there something I am missing ?