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Oct 31, 2013 at 05:27 PM

How to load HANA table in UI5 table control


Hi Experts,

i am facing a case, that i need to implement an application on XS engine, which can show content of tables in HANA. Users can type a table name in the web and will get the records of the table with this name. At first I thought of the OData service, however you have to hard code the name and schema of the table, which you want to expose. But i cannot create such hard coded OData, because i dont know which table user want to see, and there are also tables could be created in the further. So i need a dynamic OData service, which could be built on fly with something like javascript. However i dont know how to do this.

It would be perfect, if we could go with the above approach. However if there is no go, i think of the second solution, which i select the content of the table with server side javascript and transfer the data to client. But if i want to display the data in the UI5 table control, a data model is needed. How can i build a suitable data model from the data transfered from server. Can I transfer the data in JSON format and consum the JSON data directly in the table control or i transfer the data in text and in this situation how can i build the data model (JSON?) from text string?

Many thanks and best regards,