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Oct 31, 2013 at 05:04 PM

How to countrol report output for movt. type (101,102,122,123,161 &162)


Hi Gurus ,

I have an assignment to create a development report to see pending bill against MIGO VS MIRO with rate difference that posted in MIRO.

How Can I Consider Only the payment related data only,


This output should not show any reversal on cancellation related data.

For example: PO: 100, (Value: 100000) GR, 100 MIRO, 100, (Value 100000), Payment (Value 100000) (It should swhow)

1. If payment is cancelled output should not show payment related data.

2. If Invoice is cancelled report should not show Invoice related data for that materiMal (Line item or doc).

3. If MIGO is cancelled for any particular line item with movt type 102 that particular line item qty ( both 101 and 102 should not show in out put screen .

4. For vendor return if both 122 and 123 is used for the particualr line item that line item should not show in the output screen.

5. Say for line item 10 material has been received with mvt type 101 qty 100, vendor return 50 with movt type, 122, then out put should

show 50 qty with Movt 122 and 50 with movt, 101.

6. Movt type 161 related item should show, however for cancel with Movt type 162 for that line item should not show.


Input Screen:


Vendor (EKKO) From To

Plant (EKBE) From To (Mandatory)

GRN No (EKBE) From To

Posting Date (EKBE) From To (Mandatory)

Output Field in Report.

Header 1 Header 2 Header 3 Header 4 Header 5 Header 6 Header 7 Header 8 Header 9 Header 10 Header 11 Header 12 Header 12 Po No Po Date Material No Material Description Plant PO Qty Rate/Unit Total Amount GRN No GRN Date GRN Qty Delivery Note Inv No 40000000000 10.10.2013 ROH001 Steel 8 mm 1000 10 TON 500000 50000000000 25.10.2013 100 1234 5100000001 Inv Date Inv Qty Inv. Amount, Delivery Note MIRO Text Clearing doc clearing date Check No Amount

25.10.2013 100 500000 1234 xx 6000000000 26.10.2013 C1231 500000

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