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Oct 31, 2013 at 02:52 PM

Hyperlink in mail sent through HR portal getting split



I have designed a smartform sending invitation letter to an external candidate. This form is configured on the HR Portal and the candidate receives the contents of this form in an e-mail. We are displaying a hyperlink <%W>&GV_URL&</> in this form. Data for the URL comes from the portal.

When the candidate receives the mail, the link of the URL is breaking into 3 lines since it is long. Only the first link has the hyperlink and other 2 lines printed normally. So when he clicks on it, it says page cannot be displayed since this is not the complete URL.

E.g: https://ABC



Actual URL is https:ABCPQRXYZ

I checked forums and we tried using <A HREF='&GV_URL&'>Click Here</>. If I try printing with command line /: nothing is seen. If with any para format, its printing the whole line <A HREF..................></>

Can anyone please suggest a solution for this issue.

Thanks and Regards,