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Oct 31, 2013 at 01:07 PM

spot prices for each hour with sap isu standard prices


Dear Experts,

We need some guidance on a scenario my customer is facing

We have ISU Billing and FICA in place. The customer doesn’t have Device related data and meter readings since it’s not a utility company and therefore ISU DM is not used

Consumption data for customers is coming from an external system. Consumption data is to be billed under certain circumstances only. If it is to be billed, the external system stores the data and ISU fetches the data through a custom program.

A sample record for consumption is like this. Most of the time, only 1 or 2 such records occur in a week



Consumption Customer A

Consumption customer B

  1. 21.12.2013




So the above record means that on 21 Dec 2013, at 4 AM Customer A consumed 30 MWh.

Billing cycle is weekly and installation facts based billing is used. So for example assuming that in the week only the above consumption was recorded, the system will send the above record. ISU will save 30 MWh in installation facts for Customer A(through a customized program which accumulates the consumption for a certain week and saves it to the installation facts) and will bill the whole week for this consumption. While customer B will be billed 0 MWh for the whole week. Price master data is maintained which is used for billing. If no consumption is recorded in a certain week, installation facts have a default value of 0 and therefore 0 units are billed.

The customer now wants to have a spot pricing so that different hours of the day can have variable prices. So for example they want to be able to define variable price for any hour of the day. This has to be done without the use of EDM and RTP interfaces

Can you suggest if it is possible to have spot prices using ISU Billing