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Oct 31, 2013 at 08:25 AM

BPC7.5NW: Derive Periodic values from YTD with LOOKUP, send with DESTINATION_APP



I have a business scenario in BPC7.5NW where I need to send values inside an AppSet from application A to applications B, C and derive periodic values from Year-To-Data values in the process. The application I'm sending the values from only has the current month's data, so the periodization needs to happen using a lookup function.

I am able to create a scriptlogic script that uses the DESTINATION_APP function but I'm a little lost as to how one would create a script to calculate the Periodic values. I'm guessing the LOOKUP function would be the thing to use?

Does it matter that my source application shows figures in YTD format but the destination application I'd be using for the lookup is Periodic?

Data in the applications looks like this:

I would like to do this in script logic since it's a little easier to maintain for the key business users. I've also contemplated moving both functions to the backend and executing them via a BAdI but with that I don't know how I would write the data into the target applications.

Thanks in advance!



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