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Oct 31, 2013 at 07:34 AM

Homogenous system copy after sap upgrade



We recently upgraded to SAP ECC 6, kernel 7.2 UC

I need to perform a system copy to a new system, but my old documentation seems to be obsolete...

These are the steps I try to follow:

  1. Sign-on to the Iseries as system admin
  2. Install an appropriate kernel library <kernel-lib>
  3. ADDLIBLE <kernel-lib>
  4. FIXR3OWNS LIB(<kernel-lib>) OBJ(*ALL)
  5. CRTR3SYS SID(<sid>) KRNLIB(<kernel-lib>) JRNRCVASP(1)
  6. CRTR3INST SID(<sid>) INST(<instance>) ROLE(*CENTRAL)
  7. CRTSAPLCL SID(<sid>) CODEPAGE(1100)
  8. restore the sap data library from tape
  9. Sign-off

point a, b and c worked.

point d. FIXR3OWNS apparently changed to FIXSAPOWNS, but this command doesn't seem to do anything

point e. worked

point 7. changed to CRTSAPINST, there I get the error "CRTR3INST: codepage can not be determined."

Does anyone know if the routine changed? Or what I'm doing wrong?