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Oct 31, 2013 at 06:52 AM

Service Product , Sales Order & Technical object


Dear Consultants,

I have a small query regarding allowing user to
enter the technical object in the sales order Extras--> Technical Object.

I know that in the contracts, we can enter the technical objects but is it possible to enter the technical objects
even in the sales order for service product.

My business scenario is of service industry.

So consider an example of Computer. I am selling the service of "Maintenance/Installation of Computer" to the customer.
Computer belongs to me only.

So I have got a sales agreement with the customer about maintenance, installation, warranty etc and
I maintain the details about the actual technical objects at customer side in the sales agreement in VA41 t code.

However, when I create a sales order for the sales agreement through VA01 t code, I can maintain only the service product.
And system doesnot allow me to enter the technical object, because service product is not serialized,

I just want to maintain the actual equipment ( Material + Serial number )
which I installed at the customer side in the sales order.
This is purely for the information purpose, I dont want to carry out any other transaction in this regard.
The requirement is just to link the sales agreement and sales order in terms of technical object.
i.e. let us say, if I have maintained 5 technical object in the sales agreement,
out of that for how many of them I have a sales order.

So in this case my service product "Installation of Computer" is not serialized and hence
system is not allowing me to enter the technical object in the sales order & it is giving me the error
about non-serialization of the service product.

Do we have any standard solution to this issue.?

Thanks & Regards,