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Oct 31, 2013 at 06:45 AM

Accounting entry during clearing



i have what seems to be at first glance a stupid question but i cant get my head around it.

When clearing entries on a normal accrual account, our system posts the clearing document AB in document and local currency with the values to be cleared. So if i want to clear Document A with a debit value of 100 and Document B with a Credit value of 100, our system posts an AB document with entry (DR) 100 and (CR) 100.

This obviously leads to an increase in the overall account balance (the account total remains the same but the total debit and total credit amount increases).

Currently i am led to believe this is standard SAP behaviour, yet this seems counterintuitive as i would expect a clearing doc to be zero value simply closing out the open items. Any ideas what standard behaviour should be here? Is this customizable?