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Oct 31, 2013 at 05:30 AM




I migrated a universe and a webi report and dependencies from dev to prod through Promotion Management Tool. The job was successful. But when I opened the report it threw error. When I checked the universe there was an object with tablename..columnname instead of tablename.columnname. So I rollback the job and corrected it in dev server.

But When I try to open any other previuolsy working Webi reports in Prod it threw error "c3_core_error_en_504".

Dashboards also threw error "Request processing failed. (XLS 000009) com.businessobjects.mds.securedconnection.exception.SecuredConnectionException: Unable to retrieve the connection from the CMS. Check if the connection exists in the CMS and if you have rights."

But any user in Admin Group can access the reports and dashboards in Prod without any error.

I already followed what said in

1746212 - Error: "Webi C3_core_error_en_504" while refreshing the Web Intelligence Document in SAP BO BI 4.0

1645566 - A Web Intelligence report Refresh throws c3_core_error_en_504 in BI 4.0

1842353 - Error c3_core_error_en_504 when refreshing webi reports based on ODBC connections, migrated with Upgrade

Management Tool

Version : SAPBO SP4

Please help me experts...