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Oct 31, 2013 at 02:57 AM

Obtain count of unique items of itab field


Hello all,

I am new to ABAP development and I have this following question which might seem silly to experienced ABAPers

I have an internal table say itab1 with two fields say T and K.Sample data may be like


t1 k1

t2 K2

t2 K3

t3 K2

t3 K1

t3 K3

t3 K1

t4 K3

(This table will not have duplicate rows since before this step I've already performed DELETE ADJACENT DUPLICATES FROM itab1 COMPARING T and K.)

I need the count of every unique T in another itab.So required output in another itab is

T Count

t1 1

t2 2

t3 3

t4 1

Thanks and regards.