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Oct 31, 2013 at 01:58 AM

SFTP Sender


HI, I have an interface SFTPtoProxy and I'm with problem in mapping..

My file in SFTP Server is:

H005000005620132 20131015CDCA CDEM

I0001 000000000000305829UN 15.000 0GERA560000002900001

I0002 000000000000305830UN 15.000 0GERA560000002900002

I0003 000000000000305831UN 15.000 0GERA560000002900003

I'm using Content Conversion:

My mapping:

my error:

I already checked several forums and wiki's and did everything that mention to do but the error continues...

Can someone help me?


mapping.jpg (89.8 kB)
error.jpg (156.6 kB)
mp.jpg (77.3 kB)