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Oct 30, 2013 at 11:07 PM

W3U3 Rewrite: XML views


Hi all

I recently published a series of posts on rewriting one of the OpenSAP Mobile Course apps from Week 3 Unit 3 (W3U3) - see the W3U3 Rewrite Series intro post for more details.

One of the nice-to-have's that I mentioned in the intro, and something that will become more important over time (esp. with the Fiori Wave 2 apps) is the XML-based declarative view definitions. So, spurred on by folks like Former Member I made a first pass at XML views for the rewrite.

I've created a new branch on the Github repo:

This branch has the changes for the XML view approach. It includes a replacement XML view for each of the views (App, Login, ProductList, ProductDetail, SupplierDetail) and a modified navigation mechanism using the EventBus.

I'll write a blog post on this soon, but for now, as always ... share & enjoy!