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Oct 30, 2013 at 07:58 PM

Auto GR not working for process order at COR6


I have created new process order type to produce electricity. Here we will consume some kinf gas and produce electricity. Now master data created and system setup..Everything works fine except auto GR in COR6 t-code. We have to do GR seprately at MB31.

I created recipe which has two operation. We do phase conformation at COR6...Operation 0010 does not required conformation or auto GR.

For operation 0020 'Automatic GR' checkbox selected. Even in drop down option "Conformation required" option has been selected.

Below is the setting of OPK4 (Order conformation screen).

Please let me know what else am I missing here or what else need to correct here to do auto GR in conformation screen (COR6)?


Capture.GIF (89.8 kB)
Capture1.GIF (61.5 kB)
Capture2.GIF (81.9 kB)