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Oct 30, 2013 at 06:32 PM

duplicate rows input for unique value output



I have source table that contain 3 column and 2 records like the following example:

c1 c2 c3

1 100 10

1 200 5

i need that the output will take only one row for each c1 value

and to take the record with the max value in c2 (c1 suppose to be key in output)

so in my example i want to take the second row

so in the query after the source i can do order by c1 , c2 and now i know that the last row for each c1 value is the row for the output.

is there any mechanisem in data service for this issue that pass over the records and if the previous row contain the same value key in output

then it's doing overwirte to the record ?

in my example i want that the second row will update the first row and the output will contain only one row

the target in me example is file and not table


Ilan Haik