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Oct 30, 2013 at 03:27 PM



Hi all,

I have some doubts in time zone.

We are using ABC system -Development system.

The system is running in CEST at first.We are changed that by changing oraabc,abcadm,daaabc,sapabc this are in UTC time zone.Root is running in CEST time.After the OCT 27 it was in CET time(root).Oscoll running under root but in sap level st06 its in UTC time i dont know y? how?

Trigger a backup using 3rd party system it is a HPdataproductor.

the problem is after OCT 27 (daylight saving).

the file is in /saparchive at os level 2 file is missing.

OCT 27 th 02:59:59 it changed to 02:00:00 but file generated at 00.30(UTC) the next file genearted at 2.00(UTC),but in db12 every half hour redolog back up is triggered.?

If any one know please help me.

NOTE: in db12 it shows the time in CET.(/sapbackup and /saparchive both the directory) the log file generated at the os level at UTC.(login as a oraabc user)