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Oct 30, 2013 at 01:19 PM

Need to call a WebService URL from PI for currency conversion


Hi Folks,

I Have a requirement.I have to call the Oanda webservice for currency conversion. I need to call the URL.This URL opens well in browser and gives me the response.

I just need to call this URL. I will not pass any payload to it. Just calling this URL will return me result .

What adapter should I use for this purpose (HTTP or SOAP).I am planning to go for PROXY-PI-HTTP

I get a msg from ABAP PROXY, but I just need to call the URL (without sending any payload) and will get a response, which I need to send back to ABAP PROXY.

1.Sender : ECC 6.0 Proxy XML.Request will be in the form.






2.Receiver : WEBSITE for currency exchange

It provides services through FXML which is a scriptable,XML-based markup language for constructing Java object graphs.

Clients can access receiver FXML service using a POST option to a particular URL.Response structure would contain the below fields.








I checked michal krawczyk blog here i am using proxy at sender side . I cannot use the approach of calling the URL from SOAP AXIS adapter.

What is the best approach to follow this?It is good if anyone sents step by step procedure.