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Oct 30, 2013 at 12:32 PM

Rounding rule for absences is not working


Dear Friends,

I have configured PL leaves and 22 PL quotas annually.

I am using PCR for calculation for the pro rata basis.

so system calculate per month PL that is 22/12= 1.83333 per month leaves.

system also carry forward balancing leave to the next year.

when i am update PL leaves in the IT2001 for the 13 days. so the balance leaves quotas is 22-13=9 PL for the current year.

Now i run PT60 for the next year should carry forward 9.15 PL and adds to 22, so its give total 31.15 instead of 31, its give .15 extra.

i have configured rounding rule

06 -PL Round off- 001 - 21.50000(lower limit) ( tick on inclusive) ---- 22.00000(upper limit) - 22.0000(Target value)

Rounding rule is working fine at year end quotas.

when we count for the month wise system give number of months* 1.83333

Eg. suppose employee has used 13 leaves so reaming 9 leaves should be carry forward to next month, but system carry forward 9.15 leaves to next year (1.83.*5=9.15 ---- system calculate this )

Date on 31.01.2013

Date on 31.12.2013

PA30 - IT2006

PA30- IT2001

PA30- IT2006 after deduction PL

PT60 for the 31.12.2014

Here you can see that system carry forward 9.15 PL of last year and 22 PL for the current year (9.15+22= 31.15)

we want only 31 PL leave balance at the end of the 2014 year.

Please give me inputs for this issue.


Urvashi Chaudhari


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