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PCO 2.3 SP3 FileAgent Write File

Hello Guys and Girls,

i have a difficult problem that i cant solve by myself.

I have a PCO 2.3 with Serivepack 3 installed and try to write a file with a Tag store query on a windows PC.

I set up an file Agent with a Directory on a Network share where i have full access.

When i execute the Trasnaction RPCO_BS_INT_TEST i can see the files and values in the dirextory.

Then i change the value and want to save it.

I get the message:

Error storing Tag "mytag"[ severity = FATAL] Folder "mytag" does not exist or is offline.

Have anyone of you any suggestions what I am doing Wrong?

every help is appreciated.

kind regards


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    Posted on Oct 30, 2013 at 12:38 PM

    Hi Manuel,

    What user name is executing the FileMonitor Agent Instance? if it is the default LocalSystem, you must also define credentials for the FileMonitorAgent on the Authentication tab for the Source Agent that have full access to the network share folder.

    You must also set the Tagname to the fully qualified \\share\path\filename.ext of the file which you are trying to write. In the PCoQuery action block, you would set the SelectedTags property to "\\\\share\\path\\filename.ext (note the \ character must be delimited with \), and the SelectedTagsValue to the conents that you want to write to the file.

    Also note: With the TagStore mode, the file will be completely overwritten with the contents you are writing.

    Regards, Steve

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    • Hi Manuel,

      Your are welcome, glad to help.

      For the issue about the path having to be known: without a fully qualified path being specified PCo will attempt to access the partial path\filename.ext from the Windows System32 directory; i believe because it is launched as a Windows Service and that is the root path location of the service.

      Being able to specify a different path actually gives you a little more flexibility in that you can access files in paths other than what is defined for the source agent. Note that you can read files from the PCoQuery by setting it up in TagRetrieve mode and specifying the fully qualified filename as the tagname to read.

      Regards, Steve