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Oct 30, 2013 at 11:21 AM

PCO 2.3 SP3 FileAgent Write File


Hello Guys and Girls,

i have a difficult problem that i cant solve by myself.

I have a PCO 2.3 with Serivepack 3 installed and try to write a file with a Tag store query on a windows PC.

I set up an file Agent with a Directory on a Network share where i have full access.

When i execute the Trasnaction RPCO_BS_INT_TEST i can see the files and values in the dirextory.

Then i change the value and want to save it.

I get the message:

Error storing Tag "mytag"[ severity = FATAL] Folder "mytag" does not exist or is offline.

Have anyone of you any suggestions what I am doing Wrong?

every help is appreciated.

kind regards