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Oct 30, 2013 at 09:44 AM

Create Technical System manually in LMDB


I have to create a new technical system in SOLMAN 7.1 LMDB, because I cannot register it automatically in the SLD. I have created the system with the technical system editor, and added the product instances and the related software componentes for each instance. But the software componentes are added without a SP level, and I cannot find a way to set the it, at least in the technical system editor. I have tried to read the system data from the remote system in the SMSY,and it updates the information there, but it is not replicated to the LMDB. And when I try to create a Maintenance Optimizer request, it calculates the queue as if there were no SP applied to this system. Does anybody know how can I change the LMDB data?

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