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Oct 30, 2013 at 07:15 AM

Webi link with parameters doesn't work in Ipad



Help please with the following problem.

I have two webi-documents, one is linked to another. The second document has two mandatory prompts and is set to refresh on open.

The hyperlink is added to one of the columns in the first webi document (Linking - Add Document Link).

The linked document shows the data related to the column value clicked (2 parameters - 1 textual and 1 numeric).

The link works fine in Webi (in BI Launch pad), so the OpenDoc syntax is all right.

But this link doesn't work in Ipad, it gives error IES 10901.

It was observed, that with one textual parameter the link works even in Ipad,

but while adding the second numeric parameter it gives the error.

What is strange that this numeric parameter (ID) in the link is separated like:


but the value is 11222333. Maby it is the problem for Ipad...

Any ideas?

We use BO 4.0 SP7.

Thanks in advance!