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Oct 30, 2013 at 06:21 AM

Cell Referencing becomes #REF! after current context is changed in EPM reports


Hi Experts,

I am facing an issue with cell referencing while developing an Input form in EPM.

The requirement is to send both the input keyed in by the user in the input form and the modified input data simultaneously, when user clicks on 'Save Data'. For example if for a particular intersection of dimension members, user keys in say 100 in the input report, then along with this value I am also required to send -100(=-1*100) for a different intersection of dimension members.

To cater this requirement, I created an input form using EPM report editor where user will key in the data (100) and used EPMSavedata formula to save the modified input(-100) for different intersection. EPMSavedata formula had a reference to the cell in EPM report.

My problem is that when current context changes and the report is refreshed, EPMSaveData formula looses reference to the cell in input form and it becomes #REF!

I also tried using INDIRECT() in EPMSaveData as was suggested in SAP note 1685498 - EPM BPC 10: Cell Referencing becomes #REF! after current context or dimension is changed. But in this case as well, INDIRECT() loses the cell reference and becomes #REF!

Any help on the same would be appreciated