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Oct 30, 2013 at 06:24 AM

Eexecution of Scheduled Actions in PPF Frame work.


Dear Friends,

I was having a requirment to develop Alerts and notifications using email to the clients upon lead Status and Lead status Date.

I created the Alerts and assigned them to the Actions. if the lead Status is changed today then i should get a mail after some time for example after 1 month. The schedule and start condition are implement using eval_scedcond_badi and eval_startcond_badi. When the status is changed the action is getting scheduled in the PPF Queue and i can see the Action in the Tcode SPPFP.

Coming to the question, when the Queue will be executed ( like daily basis or weekly or so on) . In my case the Action in the queue should met the start condition on today's date and an email should trigger to the client but the Action is still in Queue and no mail will trigger,

Please provide your valueable input on this.

Kind Regards,

Muhamad Ashraf