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Oct 30, 2013 at 05:16 AM

error while adding discount condition type in campaigns


Hi Friends,

Im configuring campaign determination. For this, in ECC we have created a discount condition type ZABC(usage PR) with access sequence ZABC which contains a condition table with fields. Campaign GUID, Product and a Z field(ZCGRP5) for customer group

We replicated this condition type to CRM. When im trying to add this condition type in the discounts tab in the Campaign im getting the below error.

"Implementation of BADI /SAPCND/ROLLNAME or method FIELD_CHECK/DEFAULT_VALUE_SUGGESTION is missing for the filter characteristic ZCGRP5.

If, however, the implementation is correct (see BADI Interface Documentation) and active, there is an error in the condition maintenance layer.

System Response

An exception or error occurred because condition maintenance cannot check, convert or lock/unlock the fields of a condition record.


Contact the department responsible for carrying out the missing implementation in the case of application fields in the customer namespace. SAP is responsible for SAP fields which are set in the field catalog (/SAPCND/CTFC) and delivered, and if the field is supported as a possible field in a condition table. SAP is also responsible for the implementation of usage fields for SAP applications, just as with condition technique fields.

In cases where SAP is responsible, contact your responsible support organization".

Do we have to do any additional configuration if we add a Z field in the campaing disoucnt condition type or we need to implement the Badi and add filter as per the error message. Can you please help me with this.

Thanks in advance