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Oct 30, 2013 at 05:05 AM

How to display employee photo in adobe forms from PA30 not from SE78 ?


Hi all,

I have tried the employee photo in adobe forms and i have displayed the photo but it is from SE78. I want to display employee photo from PA30. Any help?

To display employee photo from SE78 i have done the following steps.

1) Employee photo should be in SE78.In SE78 i uploaded the photo as name as personeel number (eg:00000500).

2) HR_IMAGE_EXISTS by this employee photo is exist or not we come through.If exists.

3) Use the class cl_ssf_xsf_utilities=>get_bds_graphic_as_bmp.

4) Now declare a global variable of type Xstring.

5) Now drag the variable from interface to context and create a graphic.

6) Now set the properties Graphic type as Graphic Content, In field pass the Xstring which is given as global and Mime type as 'BMP'.

Output i got this but the photo is from SE78.I want it from PA30.

Thanks in advance.



scrn.jpg (117.4 kB)
scrnend.jpg (36.6 kB)