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Oct 30, 2013 at 01:57 AM

Anyone got PIMON working in solman 7.1?


Hi, all

We are on Solman 7.1 SP8. Applied the latest SP8 cumulative notes already and installed the latest solman content(version 11).

But PIMON is returning so many bogus warnings that it is totally unusable. We tried to hook up to PI 7.3.1 java stack only. The managed system setup, technical monitor and PIMON are all finished.

Here are the big list of problems:

1) PIMON alert - java system http availability - [RC=600] URL http://xxx:8131/startPage called unsuccessfully

>The page is actually working great! The port 8131 is the message server http port, by the way. I don't know why PIMON chooses that port and I was actually surprised that the URL actually works.

2) PIMON alert - java instance http availability - [RC=600] URL http://xxxx:53000/startPage called unsuccessfully

> Again, this URL works great and the PI system is up and running. This is a strictly URL ping and you thought a high school graduate can program this.

3) Business system self check always fail:

<FeatureCheck><Feature name="SLD_Reachable"><Description>Can the SLD be reached?</Description><Result>NOT_OK</Result><Details>SLD ping gets exception: Error when opening an RFC connection (CPIC-CALL: '</Details></Feature><Featurename="Own_BS_Defined"><Description>Does the Integration Engine know thebusiness system?</Description><Result>OK</Result><Details>Business system name = BS_SD7_110, Role = Application System</Details></Feature><Feature name="Consistency_SXMS_CONF_ITEMS_SLD"><Description>Are roles in SXMS_CONF_ITEMS and SLD consistent? </Description><Result>OK</Result><Details>Role = Application System</Details></Feature><Feature ...

> All the jobs are scheduled with the same frequency in business system SD7(ECC6.0 EHP6 server). Again, I don't understand why PIMON is complaining.

4) component check on business systems always fail on SLD check

> Transaction SLDCHECK is successful on the business system SD7. Another terrible bug?

5) Message overview errors out when I click on the "!" button. It is giving the following error:

EX: Extractor 8E3285F11C06ED01A66BD15F7332EA8F raised error: EX: ERROR


> Not sure if this is a program or something. I don't find it in the ECC server nor solman. But our PI system has no abap stack. Maybe the PIMON got confused?

6) I have setup a few alert rules in the PI message monitoring and import them into solman. Yes, I have already read the SDN doc. The PIMON is showing "green". Only problem is that when I failed a message in the PI server, I don't see anything in the alert inbox and no notification was received. Is there anyway to troubleshoot this? Boy, the old message monitor on PI RWB was so much easier compared to this piece of garbage.

Please share your experience if you have started working on the Solman PIMON.