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Oct 30, 2013 at 02:20 AM

Questions with BPC Features



I'm writing to ask a few questions of some features I expected to have with BPC, but yet I could find any of them.

I'm using BPC MS 10.0 SP11.

1. Can I know if there is any way to "lock" those cells in Input Templates which are "Calculated Only" or "Read Only" to users?
I found that there is "NO warning messages" when users enter any numbers in those "Calculated Only" or "Read Only" cells. And so, users will that their inputted numbers got cleared or re-calculated after saving her data, but with no idea why.

2. I know there is a feature to add comment to explain the number in Input Templates. Just, after adding the comments, there is no way to recognize there is actually comment entered in the Input Templates but only to go to "Web" to generate a report to review them. Is there actually a way to enable users recognizing those cells with comments entered?

3. I did use the function "EPMContextMember" to create some report headers for providing more information to users. Just, I can only show "Member Name" using this function but not its "Description". By how I can do that?

Appreciated any input! 😊