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Former Member
Oct 29, 2013 at 06:40 PM

All data get skipped when loading data


I am trying to load the following two records data from two different company code,, the first record for compnay 1102 was loaded successfully, while the second for company 1101 was skipped.

I check the company master data, it include both of them.

Then I trying to load all the data for company 1101, all of they were skipped, whie form 1102 were OK, ANybody know why?

Currency 0COMP_CODE 0CURTYPE 0FISCPER 0FISCVARNT 0FISCYEAR 0PCOMPANY ZFISCPE ACCOUNT 0AMOUNT USD 1102 10 2013010 K4 2013 I_NONE 10 1600300 14,657,893.95 USD 1101 10 2013010 K4 2013 I_NONE 10 1600300 11,948,597.65