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Oct 29, 2013 at 03:25 PM

Finish a Production Order through DIServer



when i finish a production order (actually i am finishing the whole production process) in SAP, a new Form pops up which seems to be part of the OIGN.

(SAP 8.82 PL5)

Now i'd like to finish an production order through the DIServer. After a while of searching the SDK and the Web i found out that the correct business object should be "oInventoryGenEntry". So my idea was to request the XML Business Template. It results in a usual template of the type "oDocuments". ( i won't write down the whole template below now, it's too long).

After sorting out the stuff i don't bother with the resulting XML looks like this one:

- <env:Envelope xmlns:env="">- <env:Header>  <SessionID>BE99171A-3FEB-4C5E-9A30-13EEF1A739A5</SessionID>   </env:Header>- <env:Body>- <AddObject xmlns="">- <BOM xmlns="">- <BO xmlns="">- <AdmInfo>  <Object>oDocuments</Object>   </AdmInfo>- <Documents>- <row>  <DocType>I</DocType>   <DocDate>10-29-2013</DocDate>   <DocDueDate>10-29-2013</DocDueDate>   <SalesPersonCode>255</SalesPersonCode>   </row>  </Documents>- <Document_Lines>- <row>  <ItemCode>800505</ItemCode>   <Quantity>1</Quantity>   <WarehouseCode>01</WarehouseCode>   <BaseEntry>474</BaseEntry>   <TransactionType>C</TransactionType>   </row>  </Document_Lines>  </BO>  </BOM>  </AddObject>  </env:Body>  </env:Envelope>

The Response:

  <?xml version="1.0" ?> - <env:Envelope xmlns:env="">- <env:Body>- <env:Fault>- <env:Code>  <env:Value>env:Receiver</env:Value> - <env:Subcode>  <env:Value>-2053</env:Value>   </env:Subcode>  </env:Code>- <env:Reason>  <env:Text xml:lang="en">Could not generate XML Schema</env:Text>   </env:Reason>- <env:Detail>  <Object>NotFound---</Object>   <Object>NotFound---</Object>   <ObjectIndex>1</ObjectIndex>   <Command>AddObject</Command>   <SessionID>BE99171A-3FEB-4C5E-9A30-13EEF1A739A5</SessionID>   </env:Detail>  </env:Fault>  </env:Body>  </env:Envelope>

Maybe i am doing something wrong (i mean not with the XML template, actually with the whole process -> finishing the production order)

Anyone have an idea?

kind regards