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Oct 29, 2013 at 01:28 PM



Hi Gurus

I am getting error RSMPC 121 in application log when activating 3.5 DSO 0PY_PP_C1 from 3.5 data source 0HR_PY_PP1.

The activation of DSO turns red and fails but there is nothing in the activation log for this DSO except to say activation started.

Note 916936 does not apply to us, we are at SAPKW70106. I am loading a HUGE number of recs 15 million due to retro pay processing. I have deleted the request and tried to re-load more than once and it is failing at exactly the same number of records added which is ~ 5 million mark. I am using a Process chain as well.

I have started another infopkg with shorter time frame for a data load

Any suggestions appreciated. Error message is below.

Thanks a bunch !!

Error Occured After Updating Request 322.811(REQU_4VMVYIO5P0P1ZM7O7OQ2YCESP) Into Data Target 0PY_PP_C1

Message no. RSMPC121


Error text: Activation is still running - data packat '0' stil