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Hide Selection Menù in ABAP CL_WD_TABLE (not ALV)

Hi gurus,

I'm dealing with a Table (CL_WD_TABLE) which has "auto" as selectionMode and allow, at runtime, multiple selection.

Therefore, in the upper left corner of the table there's a standard selection switch, that allows these two actions:

- select all;

- deselect all.

My aim is to hide such a Selection Menù, as we have to forbid such operations on the table (only manual selection, even multiple, should be performed).

Tried to find a way to suppress that menù but found nothing; also, I tried to intercept the actions performed by the two possibility (select/deselect all) but again, no luck.

Is ther any (easy) way to hide that button or alternatively, create a pre/post exit on the methods triggered by these two events?

As usual, thanks again.

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    Oct 29, 2013 at 04:28 PM

    Hi Matteo,

    According to the documentation, the select-all/deselect-all menu options come automatically when the table allows multiple selections...

    If multiple selections can be made in the Table, that is, if selectionMode = multi or multiNoLead, or if selectionMode = auto and dataSource has selection cardinality 0..n or 1..n, the user can select or deselect rows using the menu.

    I do see a method in CL_WD_TABLE that I would expect to disable this menu, but it doesn't appear to be supported yet. The below code doesn't have any effect.

       DATA lo_sel_menu_cfg TYPE REF TO cl_wd_table_sel_menu_cfg.
    DATA lo_view TYPE REF TO if_wd_view.
    DATA lo_table TYPE REF TO cl_wd_table.

    * Create a Table Selection Menu Configuration object with mass selection disabled
    lo_sel_menu_cfg = cl_wd_table_sel_menu_cfg=>new_table_sel_menu_cfg(
    mass_selection_options = abap_false

    * Set the disabled Table Selection Menu Configuration object in the Table UI element
    lo_view ?= wd_this->wd_get_api( ).
    lo_table ?= lo_view->get_element( 'TABLE' ).
    lo_table->set_sel_menu_cfg( lo_sel_menu_cfg ).

    An alternative for your requirement could be to get rid of the selection column with selectionColumnDesign=None and instead provide the user with a column of checkboxes which they can individually check or uncheck.



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    • Hi Matteo,

      I looked around the web for class documentation for CL_WD_TABLE but couldn't find any. I was hoping to learn whether SAP claims the method is supported or not for [your-version-here]. Maybe you can find it or maybe your company loads SAP's documentation for objects-- mine doesn't so I get a "not available" message when I click on...

      Maybe you can open a message with SAP asking why the method doesn't seem to have any effect-- they may come back saying it's not yet (or no longer) supported, but at least you'll have an answer.



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