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Oct 29, 2013 at 12:51 PM

Role-based firefighting AC10 / selection of firefighter roles



we have just configured EAM within AC10 using the role-based approach. (SP10)

The provisioning is triggerd via access request with request type "Superuser Access" and the roles are enabled for firefighting within BRM.

Everything OK so far.

However I am currently facing the problem, that I cannot restrict these roles when a normal access request is triggered.

This means that the firefighter roles are also shown for selection when a normal role assignment request is executed.

I cannot use functional areas or business processes to restrict selection as the requestor is one User, who shall be able to perform normal and superuser requests.

I was assuming that firefighter roles being marked as "enabled for firefighting" are not available for role selection within normal access requests or at least can be customized like that.

Anybody who has an hint to solve this issue ?

thank you.